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Author Title
Derek Acorah Ghost Hunting
Derek Acorah Extreme Psychic
Derek AcorahMost Haunted 
Derek Acorah The Psychic Adventues of Derek Acorah
Derek Acorah The Psychic World of Derek Acorah
Adam Dream Healer
Eban Alexander Proof of Heaven
Eben Alexander The Map of Heaven
Rosemary Altea Soul Signs
Rosemary Altea The Eagle and the Rose
Rosemary Altea Proud Spirit
Joan Wester Anderson Where Angels Walk
Joan Wester Anderson Where Miracles Happen
Richard Bach Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Douglas M Baker The Techniques of Astral Projection
Sylvia Barbarnell When A Child Dies
Harold Bauman Living Through Grief
Brendan Bays The Journey
Irene Bays Entwining Lives
Stafford Betty The Afterlife Unveiled
Silver Birch Light from Silver Birch
Harry Boddington Materialisations
Antony BorgiaLife In The World Unseen 
Dannion Brinkley Saved by the Light
Elizabeth Brown Dowsing
Sylvia Browne Life on the Other Side
Sylvia Browne The Other Side and Back
Mary T Browne The Power of Karma
James Byrne Psychic World of James Byrne
Lorna ByrneAngels in my Hair 
Lorna Byrne Love from Heaven
Lorna Byrne The Year with Angels
Eileen Caddy Opening Doors Within
Sue Carpenter Past Lives
Fiona Castle Rainbow Through The Rain
Michael Chantry Encounters with God
George Chapman Surgeon from Another World
Keith Charles Psychic Cop
Dorothy Chitty An Angel set me free
Deepak Chopra The Path To Love
Sonia Choquetter Your Heart's Desire
Olivier Clerc The Gift of Forgiveness
Roger Cole Healing Heart and Soul
Doris Collins 2012 and Beyond
Doris Collins The Power Within
Ivan Cooke The Heavens Are Ringing
Grace Cooke Sunrise
Diana Cooper Enlightenment Through Orbs
Diana Cooper A Little Light on Spiritual Laws
Diana Cooper The Silent Stones
Hazel Courtenay Divine Intervention
Robert Crookall The Techniques of Astral Projection
W R Cross Facts Not Fiction
Geraldine Cummins The Childhood of Jesus
Scott Cunningham Dreaming the Divine
Sue Cunningham Welcome to My World
John Dale The Prince and the Paranormal
Lesley Denman The Gentle Spirit
Arthur Conan Doyle Book of the Beyond
Arthur Conan Doyle The History of Spritualism (Complete)
Allison DuBois We Are Their Heaven
Betty J Eadie Embraced by the Light
White Eagle Sunrise
White Eagle The Book of Star Light
White Eagle The Path of the Soul
White Eagle Spiritual Unfoldment - 1
White Eagle The Quiet Mind
White Eagle Spiritual Unfoldment - 1
White Eagle Spiritual Unfoldment - 2
White Eagle Spiritual Unfoldment - 3
White Eagle Spiritual Unfoldment - 4
Glennyce Eckersley An Angel At My Shoulder
John Edward One Last Time
John Edward Crossing Over
Harry Edwards The Healing Intelligence
Harry Edwards The Mediumship of Jack Webber
Harry Edwards A Guide for the Development of Mediumship
Helen Exley Calm
Helen Exley Kindness
Joe Fisher Coming Back Alive
Agnes Freeman The Fledgings Way to Mediumship
Colin Fry Life Before Death
Colin Fry The Message
Fynn Mister God This Is Anna
Judy Hall The Crystal Bible
Trutz Hardo Children Who Have Lived Before
Louie Harris They Walked Among Us
Emma Heathcote-James Seeing Angels
Esther and Jerry Hicks Ask and It Is Given
Joan Hodgson Why on Earth
Richard Holmes Three Dimensions, Three Voices
Hans Holzer Beyond Death
Alan H House Sixty Years a Spiritualist
Brian Inglis Trance (A Natural History of Altered States of Mind)
Laura Lynne Jackson The Light Between Us
J John The Life (A Portrait of Jesus)
Kardec The Mediums
Kardec The Spirits Book
Dalai Lama The Good Heart
Dalai Lama The Art of Happiness
Dalai Lama Stages of Meditation
Dalai Lama The Joy of Living and Dying in Peace
C. S.  Lewis A Grief Observed
Carole Lynne Are You Psychic or Making It Up?
Matthew Manning One Foot in the Stars
Michael Mayne Learning To Dance
Marion McGeough Crystal Healing and the Human Energy Field
Paul and Eileen McGlone Spirits Speaking from the Heart
Lynne McTaggart The Intention Experiment
Raymond A Moody Life After Life
Sally Morgan Healing Spirits
Alan D H Moyes Aurora's Story
Caroline Myss Why People Don't Heal and How They Can
Dharmachari Nagaraja Buddha at Bedtime
Mary C Neal To Heaven and Back
Sharon Neil Second Sight
Jacky Newcomb An Angel Saved My Life
Jacky NewcombAn Angel held my hand 
Margaret Neylon Angel Magic
Tony Ortzen The Seed of Truth (Silver Birch)
Tony Ortzen Lift Up Your Hearts (Silver Birch)
Natalia O'Sullivan The Ancestral Continuum
Magda Palmer Precious Stones
Dr Rajiv Parti Dying to Wake Up
Coral Polge Living Images
Dean Radin Noetic Universe (Scientific Evidence)
Nancy Ravenhill Touched by Heaven
James Redfield The Celestine Prophecy
Carmel Reilly Walking with Angels
Helen Steiner Rice Heart Gifts
Helen Steiner RiceJust For You
Peter Richelieu A Soul's Journey
George G Ritchie Return from Tomorrow
Rita Rogers From One World to Another
Robin Sharma The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari
Kim Sheridan Animals and the Afterlife
Betty Shine The Infinite Mind
Betty ShineMy Life as a Medium 
Dr Bernie Siegel A Book of Miracles
Jenny Smedley Souls Don't Lie
Jenny Smedley Pets Have Souls Too
Gordon Smith Spirit Messenger
Gordon Smith The Unbelievable Truth
Gordon Smith Stories from the Other Side
Gordon Smith Life-changing Messages
Gordon Smith Spirit Messenger
Philip Solomon Beyond Death
Grant Solomon Stephen Turoff - Psychic Surgeon
Lorna St Aubyn Healing
Ian Stevenson MD Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect
Tony Stockwell Embracing Eternity
Tony Stockwell Spirited
Tony Stockwell The Psychic Case Files
Lorna Todd A Healer's Journey Into Light
James F Twyman The Barn Dance
James van Praagh Heaven and Earth (Making the Psychic Connection)
James van Praagh Talking to Heaven
Neale Donald Walsch Conversations with God - book 1
Neale Donald Walsch Conversations with God - book 2
Neale Donald Walsch God's Message to the World
Becky Walsh Advanced Psychic Development
Alan W Watts The Way of Zen
Dr Brian Weiss Through Time Into Healing
Dr Brian Weiss Messages from the Masters
David Wells Complete Guide to Developing Your Psychic Skills
Ruth White Working with Your Chakras
Richard Wilhelm The Secret of the Golden Flower
(A Chinese Book of Life)
Karen Wood Children into the Light
Wm Paul Young The Shack
Zodiac Reflections on a Theme