About Spiritual Healing

SPIRITUAL HEALING is divine healing in the form of spirit directed healing energies which come from GOD. Divine or spiritual healing is not the prerogative of any one religion and everyone can receive its benefit, even those who have no particular religious beliefs.Many people have received mental and physical benefit, even if not being totally cured, from both contact and absent healing. No promises can ever be given that a cure is going to take place as healing is a gift from God.


To understand how the healing energies work is difficult and complex for us to comprehend. The healing guides with their advanced wisdom, are able to direct the healing energies to the diseased tissues for dispersement.


The healer does not heal of himself, he or she is only the channel for the healing power between the patient and the spirit intelligences. It is not necessary for the healer to know the problem but the patient may wish to ask for extra energies to be directed to a particular part of the body.


The patient should try to relax whilst receiving the healing energies. Most people feel a sense of calm and well being.It is not necessary for the patient to have faith in the healing energies. Positive results have been seen with babies, young children and animals.


In the normal course of contact healing the healer is likely to place his or her hands on the patient, however should this give discomfort, the healer should be made aware.


Prayers and thoughts are positive energies and many people have expressed the benefits they have received through this method. If you know of anyone who is in need of healing through prayer, please write their name on the healing frame at church or ask a member of the committee to do so.


It is impossible to put any time limit on the healing process, all healers work differently and all conditions are individual.


Spiritual healing works along side orthodox medical help and patients should continue to visit their own doctors at all times.


We have books in our church library should you wish to know more about healing energies.