Our History

The Abingdon church was founded in 1956. It is an independent Christian Spiritualist Church and run by a dedicated committee.Our meetings were originally held in the annexe of the Civic Hall, now the Guildhall, in Abingdon. In 1964 the church moved to the Fitzharry's Common Room, opposite the shops, on the Wootton Road where we stayed for 20 years. An increase in the congregation saw us move to a bigger Community Centre in Saxton Road, off the Drayton Road.

Ten years later we were back at the Fitzharry's Common Room because the Community Centre was declared dangerous and has since been demolished. In 2010 another move was forced on the church as the Vale of White Horse decided to put the Common Room up for sale so we searched for yet another venue.

We were lucky to find the Hadland Road Community Centre, just off Audlett Drive, where we currently hold our services. Directions can be found on this web site.