What is Christian Spiritualism?

What is Christian Spiritualism?

Spiritualism is not only a religion but a way of life. It is using your intuition or your sixth sense. It is finding the God or Great Spirit within. Finding your God. We are all different. Different upbringings, cultures and beliefs. Finding our God will bring love into our hearts and peace within.

As spiritualists we believe we are spirit before we are born, spirit when we are on the earth with a body and spirit after death. We believe there is a world beyond this physical world which we call the spirit world. The spirit world is a world of thought, some call it heaven. Our main aim as spirit is to get nearer to God or perfection in developing our soul. One of the ways we can do this is by being born into a physical body, leading a life on earth where we learn lessons that are needed to progress our soul. When we return to spirit we have more lessons to learn, more work to do. Many spirits work close to the earth plane as guides and helpers. Linking with individuals on earth through difficult times, guiding and guarding us. This is all done in the name of love, God’s love. By helping each other we can learn and grow nearer to God and his understanding.

Christian spiritualism not only embraces spiritualism as I have described but also brings Jesus into our lives. We believe that the stories of Jesus teach us how to lead our lives. Love one another, forgive those who hurt us, do not judge, be humble and compassionate. The most important of these is love. Love your neighbour as yourself whatever their colour or creed.

Spiritualists believe we all have a guardian angel who is with us from birth to death. We also have other spirit helpers who help us according to the problems or difficulties we are having. We can ask for help when we need it and they will be supporting us as best they can. They cannot lead our lives for us but they can give us thoughts to help us solve our problems.

How do we grow spiritually and how can we help ourselves?

We can first start by finding time to link with our God, praying, talking, asking questions and of course being thankful for all the blessings we have in our lives. This we can do in quiet times at home, in groups of like minded people and of course coming to church. Spiritualism is not just about linking with your loved ones it is about growth of the spirit within. Understanding God’s laws and your fellow human beings. Giving something back to society not just taking. Giving your time to help those who are going through difficulties. To give is to receive.

Many are called upon to serve God and to serve your fellow man but you have free will to decide if you follow this pathway or ignore it. There are many ways to serve and we often do so and not realise it. How often do you find that someone starts talking to you about their worries and problems and you are prepared to listen to them? By doing this you are showing kindness and compassion. Giving your time is one of the greatest gifts you can give to the lonely, the bereaved and the troubled. Calling on a lonely neighbour to see how they are or making a telephone call to someone with problems is using your spiritual gifts. We are not all called to be a Medium and serve on the platform at a spiritualist church or to do hands on healing. We can send absent healing in our prayers with positive effect. We can make tea at an old peoples club and we are giving to our fellow man. Use the gifts and experience you have gained in your life to help others and you will be well rewarded.

What is the “Address” in the divine service?

The address is the part of the service where the philosophy of spiritualism is explained. The Medium links with their spirit guide and communicates to the congregation knowledge of God’s laws and love. The Medium does not usually prepare the address before the service and often the subject of the address is taken from the reading which is not known by the Medium beforehand.

We believe as spiritualists that there is a spirit world. A world where our spirit or soul goes after we die. We believe that the two worlds can link together and this part of our services is to demonstrate proof of survival. It is also a way for our guides to help you during your life and a way for your loved ones in spirit to help you accept the loss of the physical body. To know that when it is time for us to return to spirit, we will meet again.

Why do we have clairvoyance as part of our church service?