Speakers for Tuesday Services

Our Tuesday clairvoyance services are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 7.30 pm.


Apr 7 Claire Satterthwaite Abingdon

May 5 Michele Reed Wallingford

Jun 2 Lisa and Kieran Piggott Abingdon

Jul 7 Elaine Bellenger Witney

Aug 4 Kerry Jones Woodcote

Sep 1 Gabriella Brito Oxford

Oct 6 Sharon Higginson Didcot

Nov 3 Ian Smith Kidlington

Dec 1 Claire Satterthwaite Abingdon

Please be advised that anything stated by a medium or speaker from the rostrum, or from elsewhere on the premises, should be considered his or her individual opinion and does not necessarily represent the opinion of the church. Any afterlife evidence presented, or advice and guidance given, is subject to the medium's interpretation and the recipient is personally responsible for any action he or she may take as a result.